Bioskop Festival will keep you glued to your screens!

29 October 2019
This supernatural themed festival begins on the 3rd of November and airs every Sunday at 19:00.
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Imagine all the legendary stories you grew up listening to and how you couldn’t wait to hear what would happen next. These captivating movies draw their inspiration from myths and legends told from generation to generation. Twelve original and locally produced movies will be in your living room to keep you company this November, so tune into Mzansi Bioskop DStv channel 164 every Sunday at 7pm. This supernatural themed festival begins on the 3rd of November and airs every Sunday until 19 January 2020.

“We are thrilled to be bringing you another captivating movie festival that unearths untold stories. We are Africa’s loved story teller and are confident viewers will continue viewing because there are emotive connects,” says Philly Kubheka Head of PR and Publicity for Local Entertainment Channels.

To keep you informed here’s what to expect for the next 12 weeks:


3 November 2019

A brother turns his brother into a beastly creature so he can get to rule over his father's Kingdom. Only pure love can remove the unsightly spell over him.



10 November 2019

Dana has never had a birthday party, she is extremely excited when her parents decide to throw one for her eighteenth birthday. But on the day, she’s fatally hit by a truck. After Dana’s burial, her parents sell their house because it carries painful memories.  The new owners, a young couple, are thrilled to move into the house, but their excitement soon turns into a nightmare when bizarre events begin to happen in their house.   



17 November 2019

A notorious township criminal decides to steal a wristwatch, little does he know that the wristwatch he has stolen will haunt him until it's returned to its rightful owner.



24 November 2019

Senthebaleng has a crush on Lemohang but Lemohang only wants one thing. After being together Lemogang kicks her out and Senthebaleng gets run over by a car. She comes back to haunt Lemohang.



22 December 2019

A magic wand becomes a boy's best friend. He uses it to reach academic success and outshine his rivals. In the end good prevails when the boy’s magic wand exposes him.



29 December 2019

Lihle lives with her parents who struggle to make ends meet and as a result she cannot go to varsity. She is envious of Amahle who’s background is better than hers. Amahle is rich, not only that, but she is also royalty. When Lihle goes to the river where she frequents, she is astonished when she meets a river creature who promises that she can grant Lihle any wish she desires, all she has to do is lift the curse from her so that she can be free. Lihle wants Amahle’s life and thus makes a pact with the river creature.



5 January 2020

When a timid and overly cautious girl finds out that her parent’s spirits were taken by the dark one her mission becomes to save them and others before they are all turned into evil spirits for eternity. 



12 January 2020

A good samaritan decides to assist a stranded woman. What ensues is a mysterious adventure that forces them to confront past traumas and future dangers.



19 January 2020

Kabelo leaves Mpotseng after they lose their baby. Kabelo then starts dating a nurse which doesn’t sit well with Mpotseng. Mpotseng and her mother come up with a plan which makes Kabelo never have inner peace in any romantic relationship he finds.



26 January 2020

One day tired of being bullied during lunch, Rorisang finds refuge in an abandoned classroom only to discover that it’s already occupied by Thabo. Unaware that he’s a ghost, Rorisang starts talking to him. Thabo is surprised and happy that someone can see him.



2 February 2020

A group of friends are on a road trip, while passing a small town they realise they’ve run out of petrol. They stop at a petrol station but there’s no one in sight. They look around and realise that they haven’t seen a single person since they’ve arrived.



9 February 2020

A young man’s wealth lies in the survival of cockroaches in his house and their death leads to the collapse of all his tender deals.


The Mzansi Bioskop Movie festival starts on the 3rd of November at 19:00 on DStv channel 164, movies that will keep you glued to your screens. #MzansiBioskopFest