October Bioskop movies

01 October 2019
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We usher in the new month with exciting movies for the whole family. Here’s what we have this October:


1 October

When a family moves to their newly bought farm, the youngest daughter starts having nightmares and hearing voices. Could the farm be haunted?



2 October

A funeral parlour owner is in desperate need of heart surgery and decides to steal and reuse the coffin he buries his clients in to fund the procedure!



3 October

After the death of her father, a young girl finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and a stepsister, who reduce her to an ordinary labourer.



4 October

A young man is caught between his family and his opinionated girlfriend. Is he going to choose the woman of his dreams or stick to what his family wants for him?



7 October

Three girls find themselves faced with the hardship of township life and it seems their only way out of this life is through promiscuity.



8 October

A young wife is keeping a secret about the paternity of her child, but things get complicated when there's a request for an ancestral ceremony to be done.



9 October

Two families have been enemies for years. When their children fall in love, old wounds are reopened.



10 October

After losing her job, a young mother is seduced into a relationship with a man who promises to take care of her every need. But at what cost?



11 October

A troubled teen turns to boxing to manage her anger. As she battles her emotions, she also prepares to fight her biggest battle yet: getting to know her absent father.



14 October

The staff at the hotel are faced with a dilemma: the business is not doing well and they have to convince the owners to keep the hotel running. How will they do it?



15 October

After her husband cheats on her with her own sister, a young woman decides to give them another chance. Unfortunately, her sister isn’t one to give up easily.



16 October

A former actress enrolls in the same university drama course as her daughter. Rivalry erupts between the pair when the mom is cast in the lead role.



17 October

A young, promising soccer player puts his career in jeopardy when he's forced to dabble in illegal activities in order to save his sister’s life.



18 October

After being married for 10 years, a young woman meets her soul mate at a networking session. Will she give up her life as she knows it for this new man?



21 October

The son of a failed soccer star is on the verge of getting a scholarship that could change their lives. However, his father’s desperation threatens to cut his dreams short.



22 October

A young modern Xhosa boy has to travel to his father’s place of birth and do his cultural rite of passage. However, his family is haunted by a dark cloud from the past.



23 October

A young girl and dedicated policeman go on a frantic search for her sister after she disappeared during the annual reed dance.



24 October

Two people from rival gangs fall in love, but with both sides determined to bring each other down, will their love triumph above it all?



25 October

After failed relationships, two young people fall in love in an unexpected place - the laundromat.



28 October

After losing his late mother's trust fund to a fraudster, a naive musician gets an opportunity of a lifetime when he signs a recording deal.



29 October

A pool table gambler and beloved father goes missing in the big city where he works. His loving daughter risks everything to find him.  



30 October

A young man is preparing to marry the love of his life when he discovers the child his soon-to-be wife is carrying is not his.



31 October

After a terrible car accident, a young couple struggles to rekindle their love as their lives take different directions, leaving them both torn and tormented. 


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