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Difficult journey of Rubi mourning Kifaru – Salem

04 December 2023
The impact of such a loss on a child can be overwhelming.
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Losing a parent is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences anyone can face, and for young Rubi, dealing with the loss of her father, Kifaru, presented a unique set of emotional hurdles.

The grieving process can be particularly complex for someone as young as Rubi.

Firstly, the absence of a father figure creates a void in a young girl's life that is not easily filled. Fathers often play a crucial role in providing emotional support, guidance, and a sense of security.

For Rubi, losing her father meant losing a source of protection and stability. The void left by Kifaru's absence can make her feel vulnerable, confused, and exposed to a world suddenly devoid of the strong, comforting presence she once relied on.

Moreover, the grieving process for a young girl like Rubi can be intensified by the challenge of understanding the concept of death. Children at a tender age may struggle to comprehend the permanence of loss, leading to confusion and a yearning for the departed loved one to return.

Rubi may find it hard to accept that she will no longer see, hear, or interact with her father, leading to feelings of abandonment and deep sorrow.

Additionally, the societal expectations and stereotypes surrounding gender roles can further complicate a person's grief. Fathers are often seen as protectors, and the loss of this protective figure may leave someone grappling with feelings of vulnerability.

Best Dad

Who between Kifaru and Mel is the best father?

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(A) Kifaru17%
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(B) Mel83%

The absence of a father may prompt one to navigate a world that might view her differently, and one may face challenges in reconciling their identity without the guidance of a paternal figure.

Support systems become crucial in helping a young girl like Rubi cope with the loss of her father. Surrounding her with understanding friends, family, and possibly professional counseling can provide a safe space for her to express her emotions and process her grief.

Encouraging open communication about their father and fostering an environment where the child feels heard and supported can facilitate her healing journey.

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