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Lwanga's good deeds backfire – Kina

Tensions rise as the community of Misri tries to hold on to the little they have left as a heartless Nana guns for more. Then, Lwanga gets beaten up by the police
Lwanga's good deeds backfire – Kina Image : 253


Zoea hii sura” – Kina Image : 1718
Bella searches for a life line – Kina Image : 1704
Bella searches for a life line – KinaAfter the devastation that rocked Ezzy and the Tandalas, Bonnie has an even worse revelation. WATCH
Bella’s secret is out – Kina Image : 1700
Bella’s secret is out – KinaAlbo finds himself in a heap of trouble while the Tandalas and Ezzy are shocked to learn about Bella and Bonnie
Ezzy and Bella clash – Kina Image : 615
Ezzy and Bella clash – KinaAlbo gives the Tandalas a proposal, Ezzy wants a child but Bella is not ready, Bonnie makes a pass at Bella and Albo's house burns.
Ian's love affair – Kina Image : 605
Ian's love affair – KinaZuri learns the cold truth about Ian and Sheila while the Mwakazi's dirty laundry is aired in public.
Wanyonyi is dead – Kina Image : 598
Wanyonyi is dead – KinaChao loses her loved one in death and causes a stir at his funeral while Fred finds Cindy in the nick of time.
Cindy's kidnap plan – Kina Image : 592
Cindy's kidnap plan – KinaSomeone in Cindy's past comes to haunt her. She teams up with Becky to plan a false kidnapping so that her father can pay the ransom. Then in Misri, Wanyonyi reveals that he is dying.
Becky spills the beans – Kina Image : 589
Becky spills the beans – KinaJabali learns the cold heart truth about Emma moments before he pulled the trigger on Nana. WATCH
Chess and checkers – Kina Image : 581
Chess and checkers – KinaIt’s a game of chess between Jabali, Emma and Nana. Who will win? Then Hope retaliates leaving Chao and Lefti vulnerable.
'Huyu fiancé wako ni bibi ya mtu' – Kina Image : 577
'Huyu fiancé wako ni bibi ya mtu' – KinaHope's gamble pays off while Nana finds new evidence against Emma that could jeopardize her relationship with Jabali
Emma saves Redempta – Kina Image : 576
Emma saves Redempta – KinaHope gets a job at Kina Waters while Nana takes things a little too far to expose Emma.
Nimekuwa prisoner kwa hao yetu’ – Kina Image : 571
Nimekuwa prisoner kwa hao yetu’ – KinaLefti decides to move out, Chao checkmates Bonny while Jabali’s world is undone after the arrival of a mysterious woman.
Jabali proves his theory – Kina Image : 563
Jabali proves his theory – KinaThe truth is a hard pill to swallow for Nana after Jabali goes out of his way to prove that Bella killed Kwame. Then Lefti and his boys go on a deadly mission.
Bella's secret is out – Kina Image : 561
Bella's secret is out – KinaBella walks in on a horrifying scene, leaving Nana with a lot of explaining to do while Lefti decides to go on a potentially dangerous mission to rescue his family financially.
'Mary Mwakazi is dead' – Kina Image : 556
'Mary Mwakazi is dead' – KinaUncle Yosefu delivers some heartbreaking news to the Mwakazis, Nana wants Kwame's killer brought to book while Lefti snitches on Onyi and Smalls
What happened to Kwame? – Kina Image : 552
What happened to Kwame? – KinaIsabella wants to confess to killing Kwame but her auntie advices her not to confess and avoid jail time. Meanwhile questions continue on what happened to Kwame.
Kwame dies – Kina Image : 549
Kwame dies – KinaBella intends to hurt Nana, but it ends up in Kwame’s death. Will Bella ever forgive herself for what she has done to her half-brother?
Jontez in hot water – Kina Image : 541
Jontez in hot water – KinaNana and Jabali torture Jontez and he reveals where the gold is. They later search for the gold at Ezzy’s house and fatally shoot him.
An adventure in the wild – Kina Image : 522
An adventure in the wild – KinaThe Tandalas are faced with danger in the wild while Hope ditches Redempta for a taste of the good life.
Drama at the wedding – Kina Image : 520
Drama at the wedding – KinaJabali pushes Fred over the edge while Esther and Becky start to mistrust and turn on each other.
Bella and Nana are trapped – Kina Image : 516
Bella and Nana are trapped – KinaBella and Nana have the fight of their lives ahead of them, Becky and Esther steal the dowry money while Jabali struggles with his feelings for Bella.
Haunted by her past – Kina Image : 511
Haunted by her past – KinaNana’s past with Bella continues to haunt her and an unexpected arrival complicates Ezzy’s plans with Bella.
Frida’s theatrics – Kina Image : 498
Frida’s theatrics – Kina--- Official Website for more https://bit.ly/2URCLen Watch more series and movies on Showmax, start your 14-day free trial here: https://bit.ly/3kSlah7 Download the DStv App and stream your favourite shows: https://bit.ly/3398n3O Follow Maisha Magic Plus: https://www.facebook.com/maishamagicplus https://twitter.com/maishamagicplus https://www.instagram.com/maishamagicplus_tv
You are under arrest!– Kina Image : 488
You are under arrest!– KinaJonah is feeling bad about the situation he got himself into and his family tries to comfort him. Limo threats to beat up after thinking he was with his girlfriend and everyone involved in the murder get arrested.
Zoea hii sura” – Kina

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