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The mansion becomes a hot battleground

19 March 2024
Everyone is fighting to gain something that is not theirs
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In recent weeks, Dora was cruelly evicted from the property. However, before she left, she handed Taji, Zula's only son, a phone number that directed him to Zula's trusty lawyer Ben, who also had the original will.  

Taji then looked for the lawyer and after he read the will. To everyone’s surprise they find out that Dora is not only Zula’s mother, but they found out that not only is Dora Zula’s real mother, but that also he left her all his wealth. After realizing that their future solemnly depends on Dora’s mercy, Amber, Taji and Makena decided to desperately search for her.  

Taji immediately looked for the lawyer and had him read the will. To everyone's surprise, they found out that Dora is not only Zula's mother, but that he left her all his wealth. After realising that their future only depends on Dora's mercy, Amber, Taji, and Makena started to desperately search for her. 

Zakayo had kidnapped Dora without their knowledge in order to blackmail Zula's family. Unfortunately, Amber discovers Zakayo and eliminates him. When they return Dora to the house and the lawyer is about to hand over the fortune to Dora, they receive tragic news: Makena has died. How will this new development affect her family? 

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