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The complexities of motherhood – Ka-Siri

07 May 2024
We take a closer look at the challenging relationships between mothers and their children.
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This year, Mother's Day falls on May 12th. It is a day set aside to celebrate and honour mothers for their unwavering love and sacrifice. While some people celebrate their biological mothers, others honour and value their adoptive and mother figures in their lives. However, for some this relationship is challenging and complicated, making it even more difficult for them to make this day meaningful.    

In the most recent episodes of the telenovela Ka-Siri, the relationship between the mothers and their children has often been characterized by harsh and tense moments often leading to tears.  

Here are few examples: 

Amber & Taji 

Their relationship started off well, but deteriorated once Taji fell in love with Patricia, his mother’s spy. Amber had used Pat to investigate her co-wife Makena because she wanted to claim a piece of their late husband’s wealth. Tensions between mother and son increased because Amber feared that Pat might tell Taji about her plan, and thereby expose her as having a hand in her own husband's death.   

Makena & Wanja 

Makena was born and raised in the ghetto together with her sister Kanambo, a street thug. She did not complete high school due to family problems and was forced to marry young. She eventually gave birth to Wanja and became a homemaker. Her dispute with Wanja began when she fell in love with a ghetto lad named Ng'ash and became pregnant. Fearing that her daughter would live the same life she had in the ghetto, she put medicine in Wanja's tea, resulting in a miscarriage. When Wanja discovered what her mother had done, she left the mansion and moved in with Ng'ash. 


Dora & Zula 

She is Zula's lifetime housekeeper and biological mother. After Zula's untimely death, she regretted not having the bravery to expose herself as his true mother because she abandoned him when he was a child due to difficult economic circumstances.   

Which relationship resonates with you the most? 


Whatever the relationship you have with your mother, let’s celebrate and appreciate all the wonderful mums out there. Happy Mother’s Day!   

Whatever your relationship is with your mother, let us celebrate and thank all of the wonderful mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day! Don’t miss fresh episodes of Ka-Siri every Monday to Wednesday at 8 pm on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv 2.  Reconnect now on #MyDStv or #MyGOtv to enjoy all the drama and stream your favourite shows on the DStv Stream app or GOtv Stream app. Stay glued on all our social platforms for more updates.