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Skeletons surface after Zula’s death – Ka-Siri

13 February 2024
Makena discovers she has a co-wife.
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Mose, Ng'ash, and Kanambo raided Zula's mansion one night. Their plan was to steal the money and flee without any casualties. However, the trio became involved in a scuffle and shot Zula dead. 

When Alex, the lawyer, arrived at the mansion the next day, Makena was furious with him because he failed to inform her that Zula had kept a large sum of money in the house despite being her secret lover. Pat, Wanja's friend, called her to inform her of her father's death. The news shocked her ghetto boyfriend, Ng'ash, who had no idea that the person they killed was her girlfriend's father. 

A day later, Amber, Zula's secret second wife, arrived at the mansion with her daughter Kim. Just as Makena was recovering from the shock, Wanja experienced abdominal pain and was rushed to hospital and had a miscarriage. Her mother, Makena was happy to receive this news.  

As the family prepared for Zula's funeral, Kanambo, arrived at the mansion.  Amber noticed they were close, but little did she know that she and Makena were sisters. After Zula’s funeral, Makena tried hard to retain her position as Zula’s first wife while Amber claimed equal rights to everything Zula owned. 

Who do you think Zula left his property to? Why didn’t he keep his second wife and children a secret? 

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