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Ka-Siri recap: Zula is killed in a home invasion.

15 January 2024
He is survived by two wives and three children.
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The new telenovela Ka-Siri tells a story that is synonymous with the well-known phrase "the rich also cry."

The season premiere began with a drunken Wanja, Zula and Makena’s daughter arriving home on a stormy night. She was out with Ng’ash, her ghetto boyfriend whom her mother hates.

Wanja then revealed that she is pregnant and wants her mother to accept Ng’ash as her son-in-law. Zula was shocked by the news and threw Wanja out of the house. She then sought refuge at Ng'ash’s place, where she contracted a terrible fever. Ng'ash then borrowed money from his side girlfriend Shiks in order to transport Wanja to the hospital. She unfortunately miscarried.

A few days later, Wanja received a phone call from her friend Pat, informing her of her father's death. Zula was killed during a home invasion led by Makena's sister Kanambo and her gang Ng'ash and Mose. 

When Wanja returns home to mourn her father, she and her family are surprised when a woman claiming to be the late Zula's wife arrives with her two children Taji and Kim. 


The entire family is perplexed, and they want to know why Zula kept this family hidden for so long. Why was Zula murdered? What will become of Wanja now that she has lost her child? 


Be sure to follow the gipping storyline of Ka-Siri every Monday to Wednesday at 8 pm on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv 2 on on DStv Stream to find out how this drama will unfold.