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An Elegant Affair – The Wedding Bashers Roundup 8

04 December 2018
A closer look at Bertus and Yolanda's wedding

We love weddings - and we love Bertus and Yoland's weekend wedding even more. Here's a full round-up of this cute couple's big day. Remember to Rate their Wedding before 22:00 tonight.


From our gorgeous couple, to their guests; the fashion at Bertus and Yolanda’s wedding was like something out of the pages of a high snobiety magazine. Guests showed up in sparkles, diamonds and velvet, looks which had Bernelee salivating. Although the bride’s dress didn’t “wow” our resident fashion Basher initially, all that changed when Yolanda peeled off the bottom layer during the newlywed dance, revealing a short reception number carefully tucked away underneath. 

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The bride (a wedding planner by profession) took elements from all of her favourite weddings and added them to her wedding plan. The result? Lively floral arrangements, beautiful chandeliers and tables completely void of table cloths, one of Zavion’s favourite things this season. The venue itself was the perfect canvas for all of this - what with its expansive windows and picturesque views, amongst many other charming characteristics.

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"Mains will come and go, but dessert is forever" - Us 

The dessert table was certainly the star of the show at this wedding. Instead of going the traditional wedding cake route, our couple chose instead to make a production out of the dessert table; filling it with donuts, sweets, and a wide variety of cake flavours that their guests have a sweet tooth for.  

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Although not initially the plan, the ring-bearer Harris Hawk provided plenty of entertainment at the wedding ceremony, when it flew through the venue and proceeded to make a couple of false landings that startled and entertained. Later, at the reception, guests were welcomed by a drumming troupe that swiftly handed out drums - and later led a boisterous drumming session. The bride and the groom then put a bow on it with a perfectly-choreographed ‘Helicopter Dance’ that had everyone marvelling at their skill.

Watch 'The Helicopter Dance'


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