Walking down the aisle with Jennifer Lopez

14 November 2022
A look at the brides-to-be Jennifer Lopez has played.
lady in a wedding dress

Wedding bells are ringing and there’s a dress with Lopez's name on it. If there’s one thing for sure, it's that Jennifer Lopez loves playing a bride-to-be. Let’s look at the different brides-to-be she has played in these classic romantic movies.

The surviving the mother-in-law bride-to-be – Monster in Law
Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez went head-to-head in this romantic comedy. Fonda plays Viola, the feisty mother-in-law from hell who tries her very best to ensure the wedding between her son Kevin and his new fiancée Charlie won’t happen. A game of sabotage ensues between the two with hilarious results. They finally make amends and Charlie and Kevin get to say "I do".

The falling in love with my client bride-to-be – The Wedding Planner
In the romantic comedy, Lopez plays Mary the serious wedding planner who falls in love with the groom Steve. His wedding gets called off when his fiancée Frans realises she does not want to marry him. Soon after Mary is about to marry her childhood friend Massimo, but her father stops the wedding, knowing that is not what she truly wants. Despite trying to fight their obvious feelings for each other, Cupid wins and Mary and Steve confess their love to each other and plan to marry one day.

The single mum bride-to-be – The Back-up Plan
Lopez had a thirst for romance once again in The Back-up Plan. She plays Zoe, a single pregnant woman who falls in love with a stranger named Stan, who wants to father her unborn baby. The pair has several moments of serendipity as they keep bumping into each other, and romance is born. After Zoe gives birth to her child, Stan proposes, and Zoe says yes.

Jennifer Lopez also plays a bride-to-be once again in the upcoming movie, Shotgun Bride.

Dearly beloved you’re invited to yet another wedding with your Sunday night movie, Marry Me, starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.

Venue: M-Net 101

Date: 13 November 2022

Time: 20:05  

Watch the Marry Me trailer below.