Five interesting facts about Tom Holland

22 April 2022
From his charming smile to his bright brown eyes, we love Tom Holland! Did we mention that he will be gracing your screens this Sunday?
Chaos Walking- Movie

It is safe to assume we are some of Holland’s greatest fans so without further ado, let’s get you to some interesting facts about this outstanding multitalented actor. Ready? Buckle up!

  • At the age of just seven, Holland was diagnosed with dyslexia.
  • Holland is a fantastic ballerina! His mother put him in dancing courses at an early age because he was infatuated with Janet Jackson’s songs.
  • He was once a pot washer at a pub. Yes, you read that right! Holland revealed that even though this job wasn’t too bad, it was however a tad bit too underwhelming for a born actor.
  • He had his first kiss backstage at Billy Elliot: The Musical.
  • If he could have any power in the world, Holland would prefer the ability to control water. Smart choice Holland! What do you think?

Despite being adored all over the world, Tom Holland remains, it seems, quite humble. Which fact did you enjoy the most?

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 Source: Insider