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Bash(ers) wedding tips!

20 November 2017
This week’s weddings were super awkward, but all is not lost: we got some great advice out of them.

Two very different weddings and lots of lessons! Here are some wedding tips from our experts.

Our first wedding of the night was an all-white affair, and our Bash(ers) followed the brief, although Zavion stayed away from the white pants to avoid looking like a 1950’s tennis player! Cindy was assertive: “I think that if you have a wedding, and there is a theme, stick to it completely.”

Unfortunately, many of the guests ignored the dress-code and arrived in colour – and even khaki! – so Cindy scored the fashion at the wedding a reasonably low 5.8. “The guests let the bride down badly,” she observed.

We then had a very nervous best man, a lack of atmosphere and many awkward silences. “This is the most bizarre wedding I’ve ever been to,” said wedding king Zavion. “There’s no structure.” He professed that one should always have a wedding planner, and Denise also suggested a running order and an emcee. Since there was no entertainment, she scored the wedding a big fat 0.

When commenting on the décor – and there was a lot of it! – Zavion opined that “Sometimes less is more” and labeled the layout “overcomplicated… a collection of cute ideas that didn’t really work together.”

When it came to the food, Siba remarked that it wasn’t great, and the way it was served was poor. Her tip: “Always insist on a tasting menu beforehand, so if you don’t like it, there’s time to fix it.”

Over in Pietermarizburg, Kitania and Kevin’s nuptials were also hella awkward. Their one-stop venue meant a six-hour ordeal, with only warm water and juice for refreshment – sorry Denise! Again, Zavion reiterated about the decor, “Sometimes it’s the little touches that can take a wedding from OK to very special,” and lamented that there wasn’t a marigold in sight.

For the second wedding in a row, the guests didn’t help matters; they were tough crowd that Cindy didn’t think even Trevor Noah could entertain! Oh, and that Q&A session… Awkward! Plus Siba had to prevent the cake from falling over!

Then, abruptly, the venue moved all the guests out! “The most shocking thing that can happen at a wedding is people clearing while you are still sitting at that table,” Zavion said. Not a good move!

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