The most memorable movie brides

25 March 2024
Take a walk down memory lane with these movie brides.

This Sunday we go on a big adventure in Greece with My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. Before we tune in, let's look at some of the brides that we remember from popular movies.

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City
Carrie made one iconic bride in her stunning wedding dress in the Sex and the City movie. Who can forget the dramatic confrontation she had with Mr Big after he stood her up on her wedding day!? It was a jaw-dropping moment for all Sex and the City fans when she ran off in this dashing number.

Maggie – The Runaway Bride
Julia Roberts has played a range of roles for over three decades and her portrayal as a runaway bride was priceless. In the movie, she played Maggie Carpenter a woman who gets cold feet every time she walks down the aisle and literally runs off during the ceremony. Fun fact: Julia Robers reunited with Richard Gere in The Runaway Bride, nine years after shooting the classic Pretty Woman.

Liv and Emma – Bride Wars
Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson went head-to-head in this funny wedding movie. When two best friends realise that their weddings are booked on the same day at the same venue, all bridal hell breaks loose. They each want the other to change the date and when neither gives in, they try to sabotage each other's wedding plans with hilarious consequences. Hathaway and Hudson make a great comic duo and great bridezillas.

Jane – 27 Dresses
Katherine Heigl brings the well-known phrase "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" to life in this great comedy. She plays Jane, a woman who has been a bridesmaid for 27 years and has 27 dresses to show for it! She longs for the day she gets to walk down the aisle, and when she meets Kevin (James Marsden) sparks fly. Her character makes a crazy bridesmaid who has many hilarious moments, but eventually, she makes it down the aisle as a bride herself. 

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