Tips for a perfect wedding – OPW

19 January 2023
Get ready to put together the most perfect wedding!
OPW Winter Wonderland

Every bride (bridezillas included) and groom deserve a perfect wedding. Here are some ways to make your wedding a perfect one.

Pick your MC wisely

Let the master of ceremonies know what you expect from them. Having him make fun of you or your partner is not on. Remember, the only time your cheeks should go red is from laughter, not embarrassment.

Choose the right fit

Who doesn't love a man or woman in a great suit or dress? When it comes to your wedding dress or suit, make sure it's not too big nor too small but just right. Yes, size does matter, at least in this instance!

Bring out the DJ

Do not undermine the importance of a disc jockey. A DJ can add a personal touch and feel to your wedding. Take as much attention in choosing one as you would with other aspects of your wedding. When the beat drops, mabajaive abantu!

You may kiss the bride!

Everyone has their ideas about how much public display of affection (PDA) is acceptable. Our suggestion? Before you go for the kill, be on the same page.

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