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Name: Toni Tebbutt
Previous season: Survivor South Africa: Philippines S6
Age: 42
Hometown: Cape Town

Job description: Business Owner
Content developer Toni Tebbutt feels that changes in her life post-Survivor SA: Philippines has allowed her to live her full life. The devoted fitness fiend made the move to Cape Town recently – part of her personal reinvention – and she says Survivor SA is an important part of her story.
Toni is incredibly active in the Survivor SA community, hosting online Survivor SA games, participating in fan events and is very vocal on social media platforms. Her straight-talking persona from the show reflects her in real life, too. A bold character, she is someone who isn’t afraid to address conflict.
She feels she made too many emotional choices during her season, rather than listening to her gut. Understanding the need to form social bonds early in the game, she says she’s had to learn to stroke egos – and isn’t afraid to use that skill. She’s determined not to make the mistake of forcing herself to choose between loyalty and strategy again.

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