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Survivor South Africa

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Name: Thoriso M-Afrika

Previous season: Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island S8

Age: 37

Hometown: Uitenhage

Marketing manager Thoriso M-Afrika is a single mother. Her son’s name is Bulumko, meaning wisdom in isiXhosa, a reflection of the high regard in which she holds education and the application of intellect.

As much as she’s a huge Survivor fan, her main aim for entering the game is to win the sole Survivor’s prize money, to improve her financial situation. Last time around, she felt she had the moves but not the social currency, playing herself out of the game. Now, she’s looking to play a more social game – even if it means pretending to like people. She says that meeting people who were smarter than she was a huge blow to her ego, which led to plenty of introspection – the lessons from which she’s bringing back to the game at her second attempt. 

Toni on the island
Thoriso on the island

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