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Name: Chappies Chapman
Previous season: Survivor SA: Immunity Island S8
Age: 31
Hometown: Centurion
Chappies Chapman is addicted to growth and has a strong strive to improve in all aspects of his life, most notably in fitness, which he takes very seriously. He lives in Centurion with his wife and son and is involved in various online businesses, real estate, and the motivational speaking space.
Since becoming a father, Chappies has a renewed lease on life and is in constant pursuit of purpose. He is calmer and more at peace than before, partly due to his son’s arrival – but also because no longer feels the need to prove his worth as a Survivor player.
From his previous experience, he learnt to think before he speaks and to avoid alienating people. That was his pattern at the start of his season – which ultimately put him on the back foot because he couldn’t reconcile with them when he needed to work with them.

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survivor s9

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