Why We Love Supergirl

09 April 2020
Reasons Supergirl has us hooked.

Good news for all avid Supergirl fans! Kara and her gang are back for a sizzling fifth season. What do they have in store for us this time around? New villains, more explosive action, and new thrills. We're totally excited and counting down the days.

As we gear up for the next season, let's check out why we love our fabulous heroine so much.

  • She’s smart and knows how to piece the puzzle together and figure out the toughest clues.
  • She's brave and not afraid to take on a challenge, looking danger straight in the face.
  • She’s loyal and makes sure her family and friends are taken care of. Don’t mess with her!
  • She’s badass and takes on the city's villains with ease. We love her kickass moves too.
  • She can fly. Nothing like a hero soaring over the city and keeping it safe.
  • She's Superman's cousin. Pretty awesome hey!
  • She's kind and never shies from lending a helping hand.
  • She's cool. Come on, she's Supergirl. Now, how cool is that?!

Supergirl is flying to M-Net City on 25 April. It's a superhero marathon on Saturdays with Supergirl at 18:20, Batwoman at 19:10, The Flash at 20:00.

So grab your superhero gang and have a binge-fest.

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