City On a Hill

15 September 2021
Here's more on this crime-busting drama
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Kevin Bacon plays FBI agent, Jackie Rohr who takes on the city of Boston in this compelling crime drama. The story is based on Ben Affleck's movie, The Town, and he and Matt Damon serve as executive producers on this masterpiece of a show. Even though the storyline is fictional, some characters and events are also loosely based on things that occurred in Boston over the years. Most of the scenes are shot in Boston itself and captures the city and atmosphere very well. These include the school scenes, bar scenes, and many of the street scenes. Location manager Ryan cook has said some scenes in the future episodes were also filmed in New York.


What sets the show apart from other crime shows is the brave and somewhat eccentric characters, Rohr and Ward, who both battle addictions and issues of their own, but are able to join forces and make one incredible team. The duo's main nemesis is a gang of masked armed robbers who are ruthless to the core. Both Ward and Rohr leave no stone unturned when it comes to their cases and hitting the streets to take on the dangerous and havoc-causing criminals. The show is known for its dark tone and perfectly captures the crime life in the city.


Actors Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge talk about their character dynamics on the show. Listen it's really good.


More great and accomplished actors form part of the cast, these include Jonathan Tucker (Westworld), Mark 'O Brian and Jullian Noel Hennesy (Law and Order).


Here's the riveting promo of season 2. You don't want to miss the action this season brings.


City on A Hill season 2 begins on 20 September at 21:40 on M-Net City.