NCIS: Hawaii

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NCIS heads to Hawaiʻi

17 January 2022
A new season and a new spin-off.
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This January, we’re bringing you not one, but two NCIS series. Originally a spin-off of popular ‘90s legal crime drama JAG, NCIS started in 2003 with a two-episode backdoor pilot in the former show. NCIS is now in its 19th season and has produced three spin-offs of its own.

The first was NCIS: Los Angeles, following the action of Special Agents Hanna and Callen in the City of Angels. Following that was a move to The Big Easy with NCIS: New Orleans. And now, we’re off to the shores of Hawaiʻi with NCIS: Hawaiʻi.

Even though these series have very much become ensemble pieces, they are ostensibly fronted by men. Hawaiʻi places a woman front and centre, with Vanessa Lachey playing Jane Tennant, Special Agent in Charge of the Hawaiʻi team.

You also may have noticed the spelling of Hawaiʻi in the title, with the punctuation mark between the i’s. This is known as an ‘okina and denotes the correct, Hawaiian spelling, as well as the official name of one of the state’s main islands, the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.

Hawaii, without the ‘okina, refers to the state, since it was admitted to the US in 1959 with that spelling. However, attempts have since been made to fix the state’s name. In a bid to respect the state’s language, culture, and heritage, the show changed the title from NCIS: Hawaii to NCIS: Hawaiʻi.

So, if you’re an NCIS fan or love crime shows  (or both!), hop on over to M-Net for a double dose of NCIS action on Wednesdays from 19:30. There’s also a crossover episode happening, giving you another double dose of action. We’re talking levels, here!

Missed the first episode of NCIS: Hawaiʻi? Catch up with DStv using your connected device and watch new episodes Wednesdays at 20:30 on M-Net channel 101.

NCIS season 19 starts Wednesday 19 January at 19:30 on M-Net. Missed the final episode of season 18? Catch up here.