Goodbye Gibbs

06 July 2022
The very best of special agent Gibbs.

For nineteen incredible seasons special agent Gibbs has brought charisma, character, and out-of-this-world cases to our screens. As the backbone of the NCIS squad, he has proven to be meticulous, determined, and someone you can count on. Before we say goodbye to Gibbs, let's look at some of the most memorable moments he has given us from the show. 

Angry Gibbs

Gibbs often keeps his composure, but when cases hit close to the heart, we see a different side of him. Remember when he was consumed by rage during this interrogation scene? He showed us that you certainly do not want to get on his ugly side.  

Aim to kill

When an armed and dangerous suspect goes crazy at NCIS headquarters, it's good old Gibbs to the rescue. Here's the scene in which he took down the bad guy in the nick of time! 

History has heart

One of the most heartfelt conversations in the history of NCIS. Gibbs opened up to McGee about his war experience as a US Marine. He described the moments with pure, raw emotion and we bet that no fan was left dry-eyed. In his own words: "It shouldn't take a war to make the world that simple." 

iPad drama

You just gotta love that Gibbs humour. When the team gifted him with an iPad so he could keep up to date with everything, he was not having any of it! This scene makes us remember why we love the agent who is so set in his ways. They work after all, don't they?

Shoot or die

Sometimes you just have to make a difficult decision on the spot, but Gibbs is very good at this. This scene had fans gasping for days. During a dangerous investigation, Gibbs had to shoot McGee in the leg to protect him from a plane explosion that would have cost him his life. 

Gibbs's rules

If there is one thing NCIS fans will never forget, it is Gibbs's rules. He always had the best advice and rules at hand and the NCIS team thrived on them. Let's check some of them out. 

Catch Gibbs in action in his final season of NCIS. Watch season 19 from 21 July at 20:30 on Me, channel 115.