Most memorable NCIS moments

01 March 2022
Looking back at the moments that stayed with us.

For nineteen seasons, NCIS has given us daring cases, the most notorious criminals, heartwarming moments, and not forgetting several riveting spinoffs! We simply enjoy watching Gibbs and his team bring the action as they lead the most interesting and complicated cases. Let's look at some of the best moments of the show.

Spoiler alert!

Tony meets his daughter

Agent Anthony was quite a hardcore agent – and may we add that Micheal Weatherly portrayed the character really well. Who could forget this shocking twist when Tony met his estranged daughter Tali for the first time? We saw a different side to him and he warmed our hearts from that moment on.

Abby punches Rinnert

There's no one quite like Abby. She's a super-smart forensic and often very unconventional in her approach. Remember this scene when she punched the lights out of Rinnert, who actually turned out to be the bad guy. Gotta love Abby!


McGee finds out Ziva's alive

With being an agent, comes the burden of keeping big secrets. This scene sent shockwaves to viewers as Bishop spilt the beans to McGee that Ziva was alive and in hiding. McGee didn't take the news too well and this scene spoke volumes of the relationship and friendship dynamics within the team.

Tony arrests Gibbs

This is basically how Gibbs and Tony first met. Gibbs goes undercover to carry out a special bust and is arrested by Tony, who gives Gibbs a bit of a pompous attitude. Little did they know that in the years to come, they'd become great friends. 

Meeting Gibbs's father

Ziva and McGee are quite surprised to find out Gibbs has a father who is very much alive! Us viewers were also quite surprised to meet him and find out he served in the army. The scene was hilarious and made you love the team so much more.


Ziva and Abby's slap fight

Things got heated in the NCIS headquarters as slaps were thrown around between these two feisty ladies. Let's just say the team certainly puts a slap to it!

Torres and the bomb

Torres meets his ex-girlfriend Eleanor for lunch and comes clean about his intentions and dark past with her family...only for Torres (and us!) to discover that it's all a setup and a bomb was activated under his seat! Talk about a sticky situation, but luckily good old Gibbs came to the rescue!


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