My Kitchen Rules South Africa


Dirk & Bahia

Engaged Afrikaans businessman Dirk Uys (42) from Somerset West met stunning, sophisticated Bahia Karolia (28) in an Indian restaurant in Johannesburg. They became the best of friends, and are now engaged. Even though Bahia is an Attorney and soon graduates with a Master’s Degree in Law, she has always enjoyed learning about the art of cooking and gained some valuable lessons about experimenting with ingredients and creating taste sensations from her mother, who puts an international spin on Indian food. It has been Bahia’s dream to learn as much as possible from top chefs on a cooking show. Dirk, who is rather modest about his skills in the kitchen, was the perfect partner. They bring out the best in each other. They love adding a modern touch to their respective rich food histories and traditional dishes. Expect some eclectic food experiences!

two women in black aprons
couple in black aprons
Dirk and Bahia