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You HAVE to see David Higgs’ new restaurant

20 July 2018
Here's why we're in love, even before launch

We’re in David Higgs and J’Something’s corner for many reasons. Apart from being amazing as our judges-in-chief on My Kitchen Rules SA, our favourite chefs are forever amazing at life in general.

Their exploits in different spaces are well-documented and continue to inspire awe. From topping the music charts, to excelling as restauranteurs, David and J make an art of creating sustainable businesses and giving back to upcoming talent in their respective fields. And now, as if Marble (the popular eatery he owns) was not swanky enough, David is putting the finishing touches to a brand new restaurant, set to open its doors in Sandton, just before summer hits. 

Here are a few things we already love about Saint Pazza Italiano.

The concept

An Italian pizza and champagne spot, reminiscent of some of the most decadent global food destinations, located smack-dab in the heart of the gleaming streets of the richest square mile in Africa? Table for two, please! With windows as big as the dreams of those who call this city home, Saint Pazza Italiano is a stylish nod to bubbles and grub, two of everyones favourite things. Also, pizza paired with champs is on-trend right now, so go ahead and get your life.  

Everyone wants to go there

Although it hasn’t opened its doors yet, Saint is causing quite the stir. David and team have been so flooded with reservations, there’s already a waiting list. You know what that means. Get to booking ASAP, because how else will your IG followers know you were seeing and being seen at Saint?

Saint cares about your soul

We love an establishment that will feed us 1). good food and 2). clever quotables on Instagram. Although we haven’t tasted the food (we know it’ll be good) we’ve spotted a couple of words of wisdom on the restaurant’s cool Instagram account that have made us think long and hard about some things. “The wolf you feed is the one who grows” is a favourite because we, like a pack of wolves, are always famished. And so naturally, we’re open to Saint feeding us. So that we can grow. Like the wolf in the proverb. 

The location

"What’s that?” a curious guest asks no one in particular. “Oh, nothing. Just the smell of a delicious food and champagne pairing, intermingling beautifully with the smell of money,” we reply from behind a pot plant, because guess where Saint is located? Directly opposite the Stock Exchange.

This payoff line

Saint: Because even bad people need good food 

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Images/videos courtesy of Instagram: @saint_jhb