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Recipes to try this Heritage Day — #MKRSA

24 September 2018
We’ve served up culture on a plate, this season

There has been lots of deliciousness to salivate over on My Kitchen Rules SA this season. From our yummy judges (don’t lie, you’ve also smiled to yourself thinking about David and J’s gorgeous smiles) to all of the mouth-watering fare in the kitchen, it’s pretty obvious that MKR has been working overtime in the “give the people what they want” department!

Some of the things we’ve loved the most this season, are the diverse tastes and flavours our home cooks have introduced us to. We’ve ooh’d, aah’d and wanted plenty of eats in our tummies, all season. Here’s a look at some of our favourite ‘cultured’ dishes, lifted straight off this season’s Instant Restaurant menus.



We fell head over-heels-in love with Pretoria couple Jalal and Adrie as soon as they told all of South Africa “We call our children Mor-tjies”, a cute reference to their Moroccan and Afrikaans heritage. So it comes as no surprise then that during their Instant Restaurant evening, Adrie and Jalal served up a whole lot of local fare, with equal parts Moroccan flavor. The standout dish that night was a cheesy dessert called Kunafah. Although perfect for winter dining, kunafah can be enjoyed all year round, if Jalal is to be believed (we believe him). Find the recipe here.

Inyama yezimbhambho nepapa elinongiwe


Minnie and Tee’s Instant Restaurant was an unforgettable ode to their roots. There was plenty of food, traditional beer and general merry-making that screamed “Zulu and proud”. For mains, our favourite gal pals treated their guests to Inyama Yezimbhambho nePapa Elinongiwe (ribs and savoury pap). Hearty and filling, this dish earned top marks around the table. Want to recreate it in your own kitchen? Here’s the recipe.

Bunny Study


Be warned: This learned take on the traditional bunny chow is as spicy as Pashi and Kim’s searing commentary. The soon-to-be-engaged couple poured lovingly into their main, throwing in just the right amount of spice to make everyone happy. Although the heat had some dinner guests reaching for their glasses of water, you’ll enjoy the bunny study thoroughly, whether hot food’s your thing or not. Here’s how to make the Bunny Study.

Brangus Peppercorn Fillet


Country sisters Rox and Spoen are proud farm girls. Living on a ranch growing crops and rearing livestock with their family, has helped connect these girls to the earth in serious ways. Rox and Spoen’s farm-to-table approach to dining was on full display during their Instant Restaurant evening. Their main, a flavourful Brangus Peppercorn Fillet, proved ultimately to be a delicious ode to farm life. Now, it can be an ode to the joys of watching #MKRSA. Here’s the recipe.



Diego and Tarryn’s Instant Restaurant gave us a spicy Argentinian starter called Aguadito – and for that, we’re immensely grateful. Diego (who hails from Argentina) and his wife were adamant that they would be serving up a feast for the senses – and with this quinoa and chicken soup, they did exactly that. Impress your guests by hauling out some Aguadito at your next dinner. Learn how to make it, here.

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