My Kitchen Rules South Africa


#MKRSA: Dinner Conversation

24 July 2018
What you had to say about the latest episode of My Kitchen Rules SA.

Seven Instant Restaurants visited, and three more to go before we hit headquarters. In the latest episode it was Donald and Luyanda's turn to impress the judges and guests. It wasn't quite the smooth evening they'd hoped for, but they've got plenty of fans rooting for them.

Diego had to hang up his #MKRSA apron, but he's still rooting for his fellow cooks.

Clean while cooking like Donald, or cook then clean like Luyanda? Most agreed with Donald. 

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The dessert was definitely a winner.

And the intrepid food buddies were also tweeting along. 

Next up, it's Chris and Ash's turn to host their IR. Join us in Manenberg on Sunday 29 July at 18:00 on #MNet101.

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