My Kitchen Rules South Africa


Heart eyes for our new band of home cooks

09 July 2018
Food (and drama) was served!
MKR S2 IR6-0182

Last night, My Kitchen Rules SA introduced us all to five brand new home cooks who will be taking up arms in the kitchen for Round Two. South Africa? Loved it! Here are some of our highlights from yet another explosive episode of #MKRSA.

The talent

From fab Parkview moms (who are friends, NOT best friends) to Cape Flats cousins, Table Two proved to be a mouthwatering mix of personalities we never knew we needed. Dinner was a riveting affair filled with plenty of laughter, merry-making, delicious food and of course a little bit of drama. 


Speaking of drama, we all chuckled heartily when Donald of Donald and Luyanda, revealed his worst food nightmare was snail. And why, you ask? Because Instant Restaurant hosts Maritsa and Maradine had lined up a delicious creamy snail dish as their first course. Donald seemed taken aback by this because “I don’t do well with slimey things”. He took a chance anyway and... it didn’t end well. All we’ll say to wrap this up is there are plenty of slugs in Maritsa and Maradine’s grass now. And not the ‘live' kind.

Watch below:

The hosts

‘Loved up’ Bloemfontein couple Maradine and Maritsa, played host to our rambunctious and opinionated group expertly. From start to finish, we were enthralled by their handling of the menu, their Instant Restaurant set up and the actual food they put on the table. Their impressive score, which happens to be the highest of the season so far, was well-deserved.

The food

Delicious snail with blue cheese and homemade ciabatta, three way lamb with honey glazed carrots and other nice things, as well as the showstopper of a dessert - chocolate dome with caramelised popcorn… we really could go on. Maradine and Maritsa’s perfectly executed menu made mouths water up and down our timeline. Luckily, you can recreate their star dish in your own kitchen via this recipe.

Please note: My Kitchen Rules SA will not be on air this Sunday. Instead, settle in for #MNet101's Nelson Mandela Special.

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