My Kitchen Rules South Africa


Eight days to record an album? MiCasa is doing just that!

02 August 2018
When will your faves ever?

J’Something is not just cooking in the kitchen; he’s cooking in the recording studio. Our esteemed My Kitchen Rules SA judge and his bandmates (and our forever music crushes) are currently locked in an eight day recordathon (yes, EIGHT days) for a project they are calling #MastersOfTheCraft.

Putting an album together obviously requires a lot of inspiration. Putting together one in eight days? Inspiration AND preparation.

MiCasa’s soulful house sound is a winner on any dance floor –  and why wouldn’t it be with the expert hands of producer, DJ and keyboardist Dr Duda in the mix, the sweet sounds of the trumpet via the talented Mo-T, as well as the smooth as molasses vocals of our J? A quick look at the band’s official Twitter handle got us super excited at the possible direction this album will take. Have a look at this cool jam session.

New Skool Funk and Bossanova are literally some of our favourite genres to dance (and eat) to. How do you not think of braais in spring (not Springs) and delicious bombeirinhos?

A new MiCasa album is amazing, but a MiCasa album recorded in eight days? We were never ready.

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