My Kitchen Rules South Africa


Dirk and Bahia’s IR, in five emotions

13 August 2018
Last night took us through our paces

Last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules SA was a lot of things. We laughed, we cried, we oohed and we aahed as Dirk and Bahia opened up their home to Table Two for the last of this season’s Instant Restaurants, before the next stage of the competition begins. We felt many feelings as dinner in Somerset West unfolded. These are the main ones.

We were inspired

With dinner party season fast-approaching (hello, summer) we would be remiss if we didn't at least attempt to dress up our dinner spaces like our teams have, since My Kitchen Rules Season 2 kicked off. Last night's IR decor was no different. As anticipated, hosts Dirk and Bahia added their unique (read: fancy) flavour to the "immaculate decor" trend we have witnessed all season. Luxe and modern, with soft pastels and gold’s to tie it all up - Dirk and Bahia inspired with the style they bestowed upon 'Raihana'. 

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We laughed. A lot

Maritsa and Maradine finally got to hear about Snailgate from the gang - and it was undeniably funny to watch. Don't know what snailgate is, catch up below.

Leaving the table

Everyone, from our judges to the competing teams gathered around the table, eyes shining and had a good ol' time spilling all the vomgate tea, while Donald chuckled and explained himself in the corner. Maritsa and Maradine, of course, were completely unaware, which made it funnier and they were good sports about it, which we all expected. 

We cried

We all know it's a competition and someone has to go home, but look - it basically felt like someone had chopped onions all over our Twitter TL when our judges revealed Ash and Chris were not headed to #MKRSA HQ. Our hearts (and our collective love affair with Manenberg) will go on.

We got thirsty very fast.

There were were minding our business when a sleek Mercedes pulled in - and out came our favourite men on the box. We had to reach for a tall glass of water, because how gorgeous and understated? Yup. Secret's out! We love us some 'Baevid Higgs' and 'J'SomethingNice'

We guffawed

If we had a Rand for every time we yelled "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!" at the tv last night, we'd be rolling in it. There was so much *shade and **spice in the interactions at the table, we could season a whole bird and make chettinad curry. (Speaking of chicken chettinad curry, find the recipe here.) From Donald declaring curry is not a competition dish, to J’Something asking if roast chicken is, things got juicy fast. Then there were the scores. Yikes.

Watch full scoring footage below


 *A piece of sensitive and possibly highly sought-after information or gossip

** Being slick

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