My Kitchen Rules South Africa


Teaser: My Kitchen Rules SA Ep 5

05 September 2017
It's time for the first elimination of the season!
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Who will be the first to leave My Kitchen Rules SA? This week, celebrity judges J’Something and David Higgs, along with four of the five pairs of home cook contestants, will bid farewell to the one couple with the least amount of points on the MKRSA leader board. Currently, the food dudes from Krugersdorp, Rein and Rowan, find themselves squirming in the hot seats as they’ve maintained the lowest score of 63 out of 100 for three consecutive weeks now. This Sunday (10 September) it will be the turn of book club besties Kelly and Claire from Kyalami in Johannesburg to fight for their place and hopefully a score of 64 or more in order to stay in this gruelling competition.

Kelly and Claire have always been vocal around the Instant Restaurant tables of their fellow competitors, whether it’s about the food they’ve been served, how much Kelly loves her meat, or that they are both fanatical about good wine – of all kinds! “We’ve just got to stay focused and stick to our game plan,” a calm Claire announced ahead of their Instant Restaurant cook this week. But these best friends have also admitted that when it comes to sharing a kitchen they “get feisty! We tend to argue in the kitchen, which is unusual because outside of the kitchen we never argue,” Claire revealed.

With so much riding on this week’s cook, will Kelly and Claire’s fiery natures get the better of them, or will they live up to their high standards from having dined all over the world and set the bar at a totally new level? Rein and Rowan will undoubtedly be hoping for the former…

Once the elimination of the lowest scoring team from this group takes place, it will be time for a brand new group of five pairs of contestants to invite MKRSA fans into their homes to showcase their culinary chops. Judges David Higgs and J’Something will be packing their bags again to enjoy the best of what ordinary South Africans with a passion and flare for food have in store for them.

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