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Devil's Peak

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Chasing the bad guys – Devil's Peak

24 November 2023
Watch these crime-busting characters on M-Net channel 101.
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Benny, Mbali, Boef, and the rest of the team are hard at work keeping the streets safe in Devil’s Peak. Although … when it comes to keeping things safe, we think Thobela’s doing a better job than the cops; but Benny gets kudos for trying to pull up his socks, being thorough and determined, and not being afraid to step on toes if it means it’ll help catch the baddies – like working with Anna to run a story that would flush out the Assegai Killer and hopefully bring the evil Anton to book.

Since they’re so busy chasing down the bad guys (although we wouldn't categorise Thobela as one of the baddies), we decided to celebrate our other current crime-busting heroes on M-Net 101. Whether it’s  Cape Town, Durban, Chicago, Los Angeles, Horseshoe Bay, or Hawai’i, they’re all hard at work.

Thomas Magnum

He’s a private investigator and not a cop, but Magnum is all about solving mysteries and catching the bad guys – and looking really good doing it, in cool shades and a hot red Ferrari. In Hawai’i. What’s not to love about that? He’s also got a great team working with him, including his Navy SEAL buddies Rick and TC, former MI6 agent Juliet Higgins, former police detective Gordon Katsumoto, and Kumu, who knows the islands better than anyone else.

Watch Magnum PI season 5 every Friday at 19:00 or catch up on DStv Stream here.

Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson Jr

Like Magnum PI, SWAT is a remake of a TV show from the previous century. It takes us to Los Angeles where we watch bad guys get taken down by the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT team, led by the show’s head honcho Hondo, played by Shemar Moore. With all his skills, as well as being a native Angelino, he’s the perfect man for the job.

Watch SWAT season 6 every Wednesday at 20:00 or catch up on DStv Stream here.

Jane Tennant

Men aren’t the only ones adept at leading crime-solving teams. Mbali's doing a great job taking over from Benny in Devil's Peak. Meanwhile, this instalment of the NCIS franchise sees Jane Tennant as Special Agent-in-Charge of the NCIS: Hawaiʻi Field Office, which means another trip to Hawai’i – and we’re not complaining.

Watch NCIS: Hawaii season 2 every Wednesday at 19:00 or catch up on DStv Stream here.

Nancy Drew

Teenagers can solve crimes too and this latest rendition of the famous teen sleuth was packed with mystery, leaning more heavily into the supernatural theme than previous versions. After four seasons it’s come to an end, but not before giving us great characters, strong friendships, a good dose of humor, and lots of bad guys getting their comeuppance, whether they were from this world or another.

If you missed the fourth and final season of Nancy Drew on M-Net, catch up on DStv Stream here.

Raymond “Red” Reddington

Sometimes you need a bad guy to catch a guy, and no one does it quite like James Spader’s criminal aficionado Red. After ten years of working through his Blacklist with the FBI, the show is sadly coming to an end. Will we see a spin-off that will allow us to stay in this suspenseful world? The Blacklist: Redemption, a spin-off that focused on Tom Keen, didn’t fare too well; but that was several years ago, so who knows? Maybe a different spin will fare better.

Watch The Blacklist season 10 every Wednesday at 21:00 or catch up on DStv Stream here.

Henry "Hank" Voight 

All the heroes of the Chicago shows do their part to keep the Windy City safe, but since we’re focusing a little more closely on the crime-busters, and usually cops, we’re celebrating Chicago PD’s grizzly Hank. He’s been there since day 1 and, ten seasons deep, is still committed to the fight.

Watch Chicago PD season 10 every Tuesday at 21:00 or catch up on DStv Stream here.

Reyka Gama

We end where we began: with a local character. Reyka is a criminal profiler: so even though she’s tough in the field, ready to shoot, chase, and dig for the truth, she’s also got the smarts and the logic to work with the evidence to get to the answers she needs. And the best part is, she’s coming back, with season 2 landing in 2024.

Reyka season 2 starts Thursday 11 January at 20:00.

Watch the Devil's Peak finale this Sunday 26 November at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101. Did you miss any of the previous episodes? Catch up on DStv Stream here. Join the conversation on  FacebookXInstagram, and TikTok using #DevilsPeakSA.