Quiz time – Chicago Tuesday

10 October 2023
How well do you know the Chicago shows?
female firefighter by red fire engine

Samuel L Jackson goes to the cinema to watch his own movies. At home, he’ll type his name into the search function to find one of his old films to watch. But there are many actors who don’t watch their work. For many, the job’s over once the director yells, “It’s a wrap”.

For many of the Chicago stars, it’s much the same – and considering the punishing schedule that procedural television can have, it’s little surprise they don’t get around to watching the shows. So when TV Guide interviewed some of the stars and quizzed them about Chicago's stories and characters, it’s hardly surprising that they didn’t fare well. Can you do better?

What was Ruzek’s ex-fiancée’s name?
A) Burgess
B) Gabriela
C) Wendy

What is Kelly Severide’s father’s name?
A) Benny
B) Matt
C) Samuel

What pet did Dr Choi get to help with his PTSD?
A) Bird
B) Dog
C) Monkey

What are the names of Antonio Dawson’s children?
A) Dario and Erica
B) Diego and Eva
C) Duncan and Evelyn

Where did the nickname Mouch come from?
A) From his moustache
B) Half man, half couch
C) Half mouse, half couch

Watch the original quiz below for the answers and find out how the Chicago stars did.

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Feature image: Chicago Fire season 11