That Charmed Style

03 June 2020
Get that Charmed look!
Charmed S2 Article Charmed Styles

Macy, Mel, and Maggie have the magic, the charisma, and the looks. Let's check out some of the saucy styles these sisters of sorcery can pull off!

The sleek, the chic and the comfy look

Macy is one true stunner who can wear simply anything with such poise and grace. Here's her style.

1. A black suit - Like a boss, the boss of sorcery that is! Macy is ready to slay all the way in this sexy little number.

2.  What's up chic - What a way to start the day, coffee and spells are always brewing.

3. Green pullover - This lovely fit got us green with envy and shows us that even when she's just chilling, her magic is killing!

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The sexy jean, the retro and the good girl look

Mel is all for feminism and can rock all sorts of styles. Let's peek into her wardrobe.

1. Jean power - Sleek and comfy, she's got a pocket full of magic in this one.

2. Retro spunk - Mel is showing us she can get funky and let loose. Spellbinding we tell you!

3. Decored dress - What sort of witchery is this!? She's definitely gonna have someone under a spell with this delightful number.

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The hot dress, the leather up and the long jacket look

Maggie may be the youngest, but her fashion is ageless. Let's see what's in her closet.

1. A short fitted dress - This dress has the perfect fit and feel and is ever so enchanting.

2. Luscious leather pants - This sexy and sleek outfit was made for Maggie and puts the potion in motion.

3. Jacket power - Every girl needs one of these, coupled with a touch of mystery and magic. We're feeling so good just looking at it!

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For more inspiring styles watch Charmed season 2 on Fridays at 19:10 on M-Net City.