Stars who perform their own stunts

24 October 2023
No stunt double needed.
ghost-like figure holding a knife

Stunt work is a dangerous part of filmmaking, and some actors have put their lives on the line by performing their own stunts.

Let's look at action superheroes who have performed their own stunts.

Hugh Jackman

From hanging off a train to flying and leaping on wires, Jackman has performed many of his own stunts. While going above and beyond, he has sustained a fair share of bruises. His wife, Deborra Lee Furness, had to remind him that he isn't invincible when a stunt he performed went wrong, almost resulting in a fatal neck injury.

 Jackie Chan

This list would be incomplete if we didn't mention the internationally beloved movie star, Chan. Chan only uses a stunt double when necessary, and because of this decision, he has almost gotten killed several times. He suffered one of his worst injuries when he jumped off a moving truck and hit his head on the way down.

Angelina Jolie

Leading action star ladies also hold their own when it comes to performing their own stunts. In the film Salt, Jolie refused a stunt double and did the action scenes herself. Sadly, when she had to roll on the floor, she misjudged the space she had and hit her head hard against a desk, resulting in a nasty cut.

In your Sunday night movie, Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers performs her own stunts in an encounter with Ghostface.

Stunt work is truly for the brave!

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