Reasons We Love Rambo

17 August 2020
Rambo Lives On
Rambo Last Blood

For decades Slyvester Stallone has done a stellar job of bringing the iconic and heroic Rambo to life. This risk-taking, fearless, strong, and deadly bandanna-wearing hero has given fans explosive action and thrills in this brilliant franchise. In honour of these movies, we're looking at the reasons why we love Rambo so much!

The Muscles

Rambo is always in great shape and it's his muscles that often took the spotlight. There's no denying that many fans enjoy watching him flexing, while others wish they had that chiseled Rambo body.

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“Who Are You?” “Your Worst Nightmare.”

His Bow and Arrow Skills

Rambo is known for having a ton of tricks up his sleeve and is a die-hard, not surprising for this Vietnam veteran. However, his bow and arrow skills make it onto our list as Rambo never misses a shot!

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"You Started This. I'll End It."

His Jungle Surviving Skills

Our brave hero knows the jungle in and out and is equipped with unique survival skills that would make even good old Dr. Indiana Jones a little jealous. Survival is his first instinct. 

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“Live for nothing or die for something.” 

The Machine Guns

Gun in hand and a warrior at heart, no one can take control of a mean machine gun quite like our strong hero. He transforms into a fighting machine when he holds one of these bad babies!

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“To Survive A War, You Gotta Become War.”

Rambo & Helicopters

Whether it's jumping off one or facing off one hanging from a cliff, helicopters are iconic in every Rambo movie. 

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"Sir, Do We Get to Win This Time?"

The Explosions

The explosions are big, fiery, and magnificently articulated, and you can't help but enjoy every explosive scene, much like the franchise itself. 

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“You’re Not Hunting Him...He’s Hunting You.”

His Smooth Moves

Rambo is a walking weapon and can put out any man with his lethal headlock. This trained and masterful fighter strikes with ease and we're in awe at how he can overpower any opponent. 

“I Will Fight To Keep Their Memory Alive Forever.”

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John Rambo returns for another dangerous blood-fuelled mission in your Sunday Night movie, Rambo: Last Blood. Watch it this Sunday at 20:30 on M-Net 101.