5 reasons why we love Spider-Man

05 September 2022
Here’s why we love this famous wall-climber.
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There are many reasons why the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man tops the list as our favourite superhero. For now, we will give you five.

Spider-Man is relatable

Spider-Man is a regular guy going through life, making him a relatable character. He is just as human as anyone else and not immune to hardship.

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He’s empathetic

From being bullied to losing his parents and later Uncle Ben, this superhero has experienced a great deal of pain, which the character’s turned into an ability to show empathy towards others. Spider-Man does whatever it takes to assist others.

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He never gives up

If there's one thing we admire the most about Spidey, it’s his determination. He never backs down from a fight, no matter how many hits he takes. We often see him take on villains much bigger and stronger than he is, yet he never walks away.

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He’s funny

Who can forget the comedic scene in Spider-Man 3 when Peter Parker breaks into a dance in the street without a care in the world? Despite the third film not being quite as beloved by fans, the dance scene has remained in collective movie memory and has been made into countless memes.

He has cool superpowers

How fascinating are Spider-Man's superpowers? In addition to his Spider-Sense and ability to climb walls and leap from place to place, Spider-Man is also equipped with enhanced speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, durability, and endurance.

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We would love to hear from you. Why is Spider-Man your favourite superhero?

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