Reasons to watch CSI: Vegas

03 August 2023
Dead bodies and deadly cases. CSI: Vegas season 2 brings more twists and turns.
CSI Vegas

Warning: Possible spoilers!

The crime scene is set and the CSI: Vegas forensic team will stop at nothing to find out the truth. As we know, the evidence never lies – and here’s our piece of evidence on why you should tune in.

The cast
Paula Newsome takes the lead as Maxine "Max" Roby, head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Matt Lauria takes on the role of Joshua "Josh" Folsom, the lead investigator of the cases ... and he never backs down from a case. Mandeep Dhillon takes on the role of Ahalya "Allie" Rajan, a brave CSI who loves the challenge.

Two familiar faces return to the franchise. Marg Helgenberger reprises her role as the headstrong and no-nonsense Catherine Willows. With Willows on the job, you know you’re going to get answers. Eric Szmanda returns as the smart-talking Greg Sanders, who often has his eye under the microscope.

The modern lab technology
Remember all the cool gadgets the CSI  team made use of in and out of the lab? As the years progress, so does technology. DNA testing has immensely evolved and microscopes have gotten smaller but work better! The blood scenes on the show are more detailed to make the blood appear more realistic. Your inner geek is going to love some of the new gadgets introduced in season 2.

The mind-blowing cases
CSI always gave us the most riveting cases, and CSI: Vegas follows in its predecessor’s footsteps. Las Vegas is known for its eerie happenings and this sets the tone for intriguing plots. This time the cases are more bizarre, and the killers show no mercy. In the first episode, we see the return of Catherine Willows and she heads up the team on the mysterious case of her missing friend Grace, promising major twists and turns. From a Halloween prop turning out to be an actual dead body to rumours of Bigfoot in town, this season's cases are out of this world. Plus, there's a major plot twist involving one of their own.

Crime in the social media age
The reaction to crime scenes has evolved over the years. Nowadays instead of calling the cops, people go live during a murder or robbery. Meanwhile, some social media influencers even pose dead or commit a crime just for views. CSI: Vegas tackles such issues, cleverly tying in crime scene scenarios with the social media era.

You’re on the case on Thursdays with CSI: Vegas at 19:00 on Me, channel 115.

Watch the trailer below.