One-on-one with Armand Joubert

17 February 2021
Singer songwriter Armand Joubert tells M-Net more about the title song of the movie, No Hiding Here.
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At only 25-years-old, recording artist and The Voice SA alumnus Armand Joubert has repeatedly left his mark on the entertainment industry. One of his latest ventures includes creating the title song for No Hiding Here, a month of love movie, exclusive to streaming service, Showmax.

The premise of the movie is about a beloved, gay, small-town high school teacher who ends up offering refuge to – and falling in love with – a visiting celebrity pop star after accidentally upending both their careers. It sounds hilarious in just the right way.

Joubert shares more about his experience.

M-Net: How did you get involved in the making of the title song for the movie, No Hiding Here?

Armand Joubert (AJ): A very successful producer friend of mine, Peach van Pletzen, phoned me in November 2020 [to say] that there’s a production company … making a queer film and [that] they think I am the perfect artist to be making music for No Hiding Here. I completely freaked out and only a few days later I got to meet up with the producers and the director discussing the vision and sound they would like me to go for.

M-Net: How different is it to record a title song for a movie compared to creating a single?

AJ: The main thing for me is to always write and record from a place that is honest and real. Although it was the most fun for me working on this project, I was extremely nervous because it was the first time I’ve ever worked on music for a film. But the director, Gabe Gabriel, was honestly the sweetest person I’ve ever worked with and he made me feel like my talent was enough by just allowing me to be myself but also guiding me into the direction that he had in mind. So, regarding this project it felt just like when I’m music for my next release.

M-Net: What does it mean to you to have worked on this project?

AJ:  I don’t think it is quite possible for me to describe what it means to be part of this project. I am so grateful and honoured. As a gay man myself, it is breath-taking for me to see how we are finally getting a chance just like everybody else to do what we love and also have a platform for it. It’s our time and I’m just embracing every single moment of it.

M-Net: Please share a few career highlights.

AJ:  Wow, I’ve got so many highlights but the two that stands out the most for me is the fact that since my journey on The Voice SA, my career has been growing so much. Five of my songs that I’ve released have gone number one on some of the biggest stations in SA like 5fm and Jacaranda. I also went to Los Angeles in 2019 and started building my career across the border by performing in front the world’s biggest music industry executives like Romeo Johnson and Manny Mijares who’ve worked with artist like Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

M-Net: If you can share one message with the LGBTQ+ community, what would it be?

AJ: Don’t ever compromise when it comes to who you are. Before anything or anyone else, you’ve got yourself and that is your key to the life that you’ve always wanted. You are in charge of your own happiness.

M-Net: Do you have anything else to add?

AJ: I just release my very first R&B EP titled ‘Left with a Broken Heart’ this past Friday. In just 24 hours it was streamed 39 000+ times on Spotify. Click here to listen to the song.

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