Meet Angela Black

03 October 2023
Discover this dark and mysterious thriller series.
Angela Black

Joanne Froggatt stars as Angela Meyer, a woman who at first glance seems to have a perfect relationship with her husband Olivier (Michiel Huisman). But all is not as it seems as Oliver is extremely abusive towards her. In a twist of events, a mysterious man Ed Harrison (Samuel Adewunmi) shows up and informs Angela that Oilvier hired him to kill her. Cue the drama … After this meeting, a sinister game begins as Angela begins to unravel a web of deadly lies in her marriage, as well as secrets to her husband’s dark past. The main characters are multi-layered and nothing is as it seems. The series promises mystery and intrigue, exploring the dark sides of life and relationships.

Avid fans will remember Froggatt from Downtown Abbey fame where she played the resilient and unforgettable Anna Bates. Frogratt did extensive research on domestic abuse to understand her character Angela. Part of her research included reading the book You Can’t Run, a memoir by Mandy Thomas who was a victim of domestic abuse. In Angela Black, the character Angela starts off as a voiceless victim who eventually ends up taking her power back. Frogratt loved seeing this character development unravel. 

Adewunmi enjoyed playing the mysterious and edgy Ed Harrison, who appears to be both a bad and good guy. Adewunmi thought the series did a good job of depicting the various sides of all the characters' personalities.

Huisman said that he often tries to get inside the heads of the characters he plays. Olivier is the bad guy, but Husiman wanted to explore the character more and find out what drives his anger and need for control.

Watch Angela Black, starting on 31 October on Me channel 115.