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01 September 2023
Then and now.
gossip girl

Hey, Upper East Siders, this just in: another feisty season with the gossip queens of Gossip Girl is on its way. Let’s look at the original show versus the new show.

That time they MET


Spotted! Former besties Blair and Serena face off on the MET steps after Serena’s unexpected return from boarding school. Blair marks her territory as Queen Bee and tells Serena she’s not invited to an upcoming party. Serena doesn’t back down and suggests they meet later that night at The Palace Hotel. Oh B, don’t you know not to mess with THE Serena van der Woodsen?


Julien aka JC catches a glimpse of her half-sister Zoya on the MET steps and makes sure the young one knows she is the new Queen Bee. She invites Zoya to an exclusive club with ulterior motives in mind, channelling her true Queen Bee vibes and showing just how villainous she can be. Careful JC, your crown can fall off just as easily as it was put on.

Parties that go off with a bang!


The kiss-and-tell party’s the place to be, and I’m kissing and telling all! Everyone’s dressed to the nines, and this is where the infamous Chuck Bass meets the innocent Jenny Humphrey. When lonely boy Dan Humphrey comes to his sister’s rescue, the kiss-and-tell party quickly turns into a kiss-and-punch showdown! 


Julien has a wild night out to showcase her newly updated bachelorette status and bites off more than she can chew when she takes dangerous drugs. Meanwhile, Max has caught it all on a live video for her fans to see! Poor JC, she always loved the limelight, but it often comes with a high price.

Fashion show sabotage 


Sabotage is best worn by villains. Blair gets jealous when her mother asks Serena to model her designer dress at her fashion show. She swops it out with a dress from a different designer, making Serena strut the catwalk in the wrong dress. Sneaky B, your villainous ways never go out of fashion.


The sibling rivalry never ends with Julien and Zoya. Big sis summons her minions to sabotage Zoya at a fashion show by having them send a nude photo of Max from Zoya’s phone to the entire audience, thus having Zoya kicked out. Poor Zoya; while big sis struts the catwalk in victory, little sis did the walk of shame. 

The catfights


Yale was always Blair’s big dream and when Serena also makes the visit to her dream college, all hell breaks loose. The heated confrontation ends in a catfight … we’re talking hair pulling, scratching, and all. The two then decide it’s best to part ways. Ooh, we love frenemy rivalry. 


Who knew the debutantes came dressed to kill? When Julien finds out that Monet invited her dad to the debutante ball without telling her, they face off in one epic catfight resulting in all the debutantes having a big brawl. Careful ladies, Cinderella lost her glass slipper, but you could lose your reputation. 

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