Charmed - Book Of Spells

22 June 2020
What type of fan are you according to our book of spells?
Charmed S2 Article

What does our little spellbook say about the type of Charmed fan you are? Let's scroll through our very own pages of the book of spells for the answer.

Chapter 1: What type of fan are you?

Choose your favourite colour and we'll tell you your fate.



The Dedicated Binger: You're a Charmed fanatic! Nothing can stop you from tuning into your all-time favourite TV show. In fact, you're virtually joined to the hips of our sisters of sorcery. You will cancel every plan to sit down to binge-watch the show and watch the magic unfold.

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The Charmed Thesaurus: You know every cast member, their dog, and their second cousin even! You know every line from all the episodes and can quote Macy, Mel and Maggie with ease. Your friends don't go to Google, they turn to you when they want to get their Charmed updates!

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The Raving Reviewer: You the one who creates a Youtube video or writes down your thoughts of the latest episode via your blog. Your friends simply love to read your reviews and of course you've got like a million fan theories living in that head just waiting to come out! If the show ever needed an extra writer, you'd be first in line and literally have them under your spell.

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The Charmed Collector: Right now, you've got a whole lot of spellbinding Charmed merchandise that you've searched online for months on end. You collect pictures of your favourite sisters of witchery and have posters of them hanging on your wall - even though it screams the '90s!

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The Live Texter: The fan who watches with a phone in hand and live tweets, texts friends or blasts it all on Facebook, all while enjoying a great Charmed episode. You're always ready to dish out the action minute by minute. You really can't help it, the excitement is real!

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Join Mel, Macy, and Maggie as they continue to battle dark forces of the supernatural realm on Charmed every Friday at 19:10 on M-Net City.