5 Reasons to Watch Whiskey Cavalier

25 March 2019
Why we can't wait to watch Whiskey Cavalier.

Action. Comedy. Intrigue. All served with a shot of bourbon. It’s Whiskey Cavalier, a brand-new show coming to M-Net channel 101 this April, and we can’t wait for this show to land on our screens. Here are five reasons we’re so excited.

  1. Location! Location! Location!

From Paris to Prague to Rome, you’ll get to visit all these glamorous destinations from the comfort of your couch. All aboard?

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  1. The Scrubs Connection

Bill Lawrence is the creator of Scrubs, and he’s an executive producer on Whiskey Cavalier. So if you were a fan of the quirky medical comedy, you can expect more of the same here, but with a secret agent twist.

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  1. The Fixer Connection

If you’re still crying into your glass of wine about The Fixer ending, you can tend to your withdrawal symptoms with Whiskey Cavalier. It stars Scott Foley, who played The Fixer’s Jake Ballard for all but one season, and it also guest stars his Fixer co-star, Bellamy Young.

  1. Scott Foley

Speaking of Scott, fans who loved him in The Fixer will be happy to watch him in Whiskey Cavalier. If your love for Foley goes all the way back to his Felicity days, then you’ll be all too happy to watch him take the lead in Whiskey Cavalier. And, of course, he was also in Scrubs – so it all ties together quite nicely.

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  1. Will Chase

Foley’s character is called Will Chase. Will. Chase. Just read that name again and let it sink in. We’re not sure if the name was intentional or not, but we think it’s hysterical nonetheless, and a sign of the good times to come in this show!

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Join Will for the chase in the first season of Whiskey Cavalier every Wednesday at 20:00 from 10 April on M-Net channel 101.

Learn more about the show here.