5 Great Christmas TV Episodes

24 December 2020
Christmas in TV Land.
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Christmas episodes are a staple across many TV shows. So much so, we already wrote about it here, in a time long before a Covid Christmas. But there are so many, many more Christmas episodes to love and remember (think Fresh Prince, Scrubs, Blackadder, Arrested Development), that to get us into the Christmas spirit, we thought we’d look at five more.

  1. Amends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Between saving the world and saving the world again (and again and again and again), Buffy and her friends found time for birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas. This festive episode is not-so-festive, as it involves Angel’s grim battle with demons that urge him to (surprise! surprise!) kill Buffy. Ultimately, the love of Buffy’s life decides the only solution is to sacrifice himself and he’s on his way to a doomed fate when a Christmas miracle intervenes.

1608809306 rah michelle gellar and david boreanaz as buffy and angel  1997  image alamy
Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz as Buffy and Angel (1997) Image - Alamy

  1. Joy to the World, House

No one could be less Christmassy and more Scroogey than Dr. House. So it’s a lot of fun when, on the whim of a bet he’s made with Wilson, House is forced to be polite and full of Christmas pep while working in the clinic, involving its usual eclectic maladies - this one including a seasonally-appropriate “virgin” pregnancy.

1608809471 56 hugh laurie as dr. gregory house  2004  image alamy
Hugh Laurie as Dr Gregory House (2004) Image - Alamy

  1. Met Someone, Mad About You

This festive episode from the first season includes a seasonal favourite – the office Christmas party. It also serves up flashbacks to tell the tale of how Paul and Jamie first met. And if you want to see how the NYC couple are faring now, remember to watch them in the comeback season, Saturdays at 18:25 on M-Net.

  1. Undeck the Halls, Modern Family

Halloween and Christmas episodes were always something to look forward to in this long-running sitcom. The first one includes the kind of festive calamities we’d come to love and laugh at in years to come. There’s the burnt couch that prompts Phil and Claire to threaten to cancel Christmas, while Cameron and Mitchell take issue with a mall Santa, and Jay tries to introduce Gloria to some of his Christmas traditions.

  1. A Very Supernatural Christmas, Supernatural,

Throughout its fifteen-season run, Supernatural had a lot of fun trying out new things to frighten and delight its fans – the Scooby-Doo crossover being a prime example. And they didn’t dodge the festive season either – although this was the only Christmas episode. Like Buffy, it’s full of demons. Like Mad About You, it inserts flashbacks (these ones to Sam and Dean’s childhood Christmas memories). And it’s got all the usual horror elements and well-known wit that made this show so beloved.

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