Meet Thato Rampedi

Local 16 March 2022

One of Honey Tv’s Only Male Hosts Makes His Mark

Meet Thato Rampedi

Thato Rampedi is only the second male host to grace the screens of Africa’s first original lifestyle channel, HONEY TV. Alongside child star Hlonela Mrwetyana, Rampedi hosts the jam packed cooking competition, Kids Kitchen Relay. The young media maven started out as a YouTuber amassing a loyal fanbase of 125 000 subscribers with content that includes vlogs, sit-downs, challenges and podcasts.

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Kids Kitchen Relay sees competing teams take on challenges such as the perfect breakfast, a Sunday lunch surprise, the top dessert, and the best brunch. Rampedi and Mrwetyana are joined by celebrity chef Zanele Van Zyl as the judge of the show. Each week the teams get to explore fun ways of making creative dishes. We sat down with Rampedi for a catch-up.

1. Who is Thato Rampedi in three words?

Thato is fun-loving, creative and loving.

2. Did you ever think you'd host a TV show?

Yes and no! Yes, because I have always wanted to expand into TV hosting, and no because I did not think this opportunity would happen this early in my career.

3. Kids Kitchen Relay has a particular format and look; how did you find being on set?

I have a very free spirit, so my personality and the set were complementary, which made the time really incredible. The structure of the show was fast and high-energy, so every day brought new and exciting challenges

4. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Shifting the content creation culture while elevating and advocating for young creative voices while my production company grows successfully. Directing and producing shows.

5. What are 3 things you can't live without?

My phone, PlayStation and WiFi.

Follow Thato Rampedi on Instagram and @honeyafricatv

Watch Kids Kitchen Relay Mondays at WAT 15:30 | CAT 16:30 | EAT 17:30 on (DStv Channel 173)

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