Meet The Cast Of Honey Tv’s New Show – Kids Kitchen Relay

Local 13 January 2022

Hlonela Mrwetyana, Thato Rampedi and Chef Zanele Van Zyl join HONEY TV. Kids Kitchen Relay is a jam packed new reality cooking show hosted by child star Hlonela Mrwetyana and popular YouTuber and social media influencer Thato Rampedi, and featuring award-winning chef Zanele Van Zyl as the judge.

Meet The Cast Of Honey Tv’s New Show – Kids Kitchen Relay

About The Show

Kids Kitchen Relay sees two teams of three go head-to-head in a relay cooking competition. Each team is given a theme and its members take turns to prepare one dish over three rounds for a chance to walk away with the winner’s title and a grand prize.

The contestants range from aspiring young chefs to kids who just have a natural knack for cooking. Watch Kids Kitchen Relay Mondays at WAT 15:30 | CAT 16:30 | EAT 17:30 (DStv Channel 173)

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Co-host Mrwetyana, who started out in the pageant world at a tender age, is a hit on the digital streets with 164 000 followers on Instagram alone. She brings a bubbly, witty and young feel to the show’s unique format. “It has been such a rewarding experience,” she says of her work on the show. “I got to work with some amazing people that made the experience fun.”

Rampedi honed his skills on YouTube where he now has 112 000 subscribers. Selected to be part of the YouTube Black Voices Class of 2021, he has also bagged multiple lucrative brand deals including with Canon, Lenovo and Sennheiser.

“I genuinely cannot wait for the show to air!” he says. “Being on set was such an experience and I cannot wait for the people to see what we did! Definitely ten out of ten.”

Chef Zanele Van Zyl steps in as the voice of culinary knowledge which she shares with the young competitors. “I have always wanted a cooking show, but the thought of being a judge on a kids’ cooking show never crossed my mind,” says the chef whose second book, Cooking With Zanele Volume 2: Find Joy in Cooking, was named ‘Cookbook of the Year’ at the 2021 Luxe Restaurant Awards.

Watch Kids Kitchen Relay Mondays at WAT 15:30 | CAT 16:30 | EAT 17:30 on (DStv Channel 173)

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