Discover Unique Entertainment Options this February

News 09 February 2022

Discover Unique Entertainment Options this February

Keen to spice up your entertainment watch-list this month? These unique genre-specific recommendations will help you beat the indecisiveness and have you glued to your TV, for sure. There’s something for everyone – from the action lover, to the hopeless romantic – so get ready to tune in.

For explosive action… Seven Swords is the movie for you. The film is loosely based on Liang Yusheng's novel Qijian Xia Tianshan and combines all the best elements of a classic action movie and Wuxia (a genre of Chinese television and cinema about martial arts). Follow the journey of seven warriors as they band together to protect a village from a diabolical General. Battling greed, cruelty, immorality, and betrayal the warriors must cling to one another as they attempt to rescue their people.

Catch Seven Swords on KIX, DStv Channel 114 on Friday, 11 February at 14:40 CAT

For the future-forward...
Dive into a robotic-run dystopia with
I, Robot. This cautionary tale imagines a world where robots have become an ordinary part of everyday life. But, when Dr Alfred – considered the father of US robotics – is found dead, it's time to call in super-savvy investigator Del Spooner. With the help of a robopsychologist, Spooner embarks on a mission to learn the truth about Alfred’s supposed “suicide”. Based on the short story by science fiction giant, Isaac Asimov.

Watch I, Robot on M-Net Movies 2, DStv Channel 106, Saturday, 12 February at 20:00 CAT.

For the romantic… It may be time to Think Like A Man. Join four friends as they uncover the secret to getting their men to fall in line – based on Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. But chaos ensues when the men figure out what’s up and turn the tables on their ladies. All’s fair in love and war, after all. This is the perfect film for an evening of light-hearted, romcom fun.

Catch Think Like A Man on Studio Universal, DStv Channel 112 on Friday, 11 February at 21:45 CAT.

For the love of local... Maybe you’re just Looking for Love. Follow the journey of feisty, single Zulu-woman, Buyi Dube, as she searches to find her Mr. Right. Armed with the help of her best friend, Lindi, Buyi steps into the crazy world of dating – for real. But, her prospects are not looking good and she just about gives up hope when a person from her past makes a surprise return. Get the girls together for this hilarious feel-good film.

Looking for Love airs on M-Net Movies 4, DStv Channel 108 on Wednesday, 9 February at 20:30 CAT.

For spiritual upliftment… Find some inspiration on the Islam Channel, the world’s leading Islamic media platform. The channel has been providing trusted Muslim content since 2004 and is packed with fascinating offerings. The Islam Channel offers programming that is informative and engaging and is often aimed at educating the world on Islam.

The Islam Channel is available on DStv Channel 347.

You could also turn to TBN Africa for a more Christian perspective. The channel offers an unrivalled selection of the best African and international Christian ministry, lifestyle, music, youth and children's shows, as well as documentaries, movies and more. These interesting offerings are a great way to learn more about the world of Christianity.

TBN Africa is available on DStv Channel 343.

For justice fighters… You'll love Judging Matters. This reality TV show helps address issues using the arbitration system. The show deals with the minor cases of real people, as they fight for justice in a small claims court. While it's highly entertaining, it’s equal parts educational – especially for those living in Lagos. From the business owner to the employee, everyone should have a basic idea of how the law works to ensure justice is served.

Catch Judging Matters on Africa Magic Urban, DStv Channel 153 on Sundays at 19:30 CAT.

With so many options to choose from, you're set for a super entertaining February! Remember to download the MyDStv app to take control of your viewing experience and effortlessly manage your account.

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Discover Unique Entertainment Options this February

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