Nick Minaj Returns With New Banger

11 February 2020
The barbs lose it as the Queen marks her comeback
<p>Nicki Minaj</p>

Fans were not sold when Nicki Minaj announced an early retirement in 2019.

Not only have rappers announced retirements and still go on to make new albums and tours like nothing ever happened, but come on, Nick is at the top of her game. And last week, she had the barbs losing it with the premiere of her brand new single, Yikes.

Nicki made a triumphant return to the charts, as the single hit number #1 in more than 20 countries within hours of being availed digitally!

The song, which she first teased in a studio snippet that she shared on her Instagram, kicks off Nicki’s new musical era. It’s one that finds the Chun Li hitmaker a newly wed. Nicki famously announced her engagement with her childhood friend Kenneth Petty in October last year. She’s also spotting red hair now, which goes with the red luxury car she’s featuring in the artwork for the new mid tempo offering. 

Yikes debuts just days after Nicki and her ex boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill, shaded each other on Twitter. The two went for the jagular, exchanging profanities as Nicki accused Meek of being abusive, while he slammed her for never reporting the alleged criminal activities of her recently incarcerated brother. 

In what fans are now dismissing as a bizzare publicity stunt to promote their new projects, Nick delivered Yikes while Meek Mill partnered with Justin Timberlake in his latest single, the new released Believe. 

Have you heard the songs yet? 

Image Credit: Nicki Minaj