A guide to Nicki's 5 most iconic bars of all time

20 January 2022
More proof that Nicki Minaj is the undisputed Queen of Rap? Here's a trip down some of her most iconic bars
Nicki Minaj at the Met Gala

The barbs know it, we know it, and so do you; Nicki Minaj is a beast with her pen game. Touted as one of the greatest rappers of all time, Minaj has solidified her spot both in Hip Hop and in the global pop culture landscape. It's her sprawling discography of blockbuster hits, the iconic 'fits she's rocked to turn heads and make a statement and, not least of all, the bars she delivers with a remarkable candence. Everyday is a perfect day to be gassed up by Nicki's bossy lines, so here are some five of her most iconic bars: 

"Did Nas clear that Ether record? Nah, but I broke Aretha record!" 

Nicki's beef with Remy Ma goes down as one of the most explosive moments in Hip Hop; right up there with Nas vs. Jay Z, and maybe even Drake vs. Meek Mill. Things got particularly messy when Remy Ma dropped her dirss track 'Shether', which sampled Nas' 'Ether'. Nicki's comeback was spread over various verses on different songs. This one on her 'Realize' by 2 Chainz is one of the coldest from the icy supplies.  

[Ninjas] want my time, call me Clinton, I'm Billing these [ninjas]

The play here is on the name of former US President Bill Clinton. As Nicki rises up the ranks of Hip Hop, her rates go up, which means she will be charging more for verses, features, appearances, shows and more. We rock with this level of confidence! 

Yeah, I got an Audemar, I ain't set the time once and I know they say they shine, I ain't seen 'em shine once

On Young Money's 'Senile', Nicki bodied all of them - something she will do again and again. She's got the most expensive watching and it's not even to check time (flossing), but time has gone by and her rivals are yet to reach her league. It's always many layers to understand with her. 

I'm with some hood girls lookin' back at it. And a good girl in my tax bracket (Uh). Got a black card that'll let Saks have it. These Chanel bags is a bad habit

On Feeling Myself with Beyoncé, she wasn't about to play around. Her verses on the song are basically just Nicki letting the game have. Then she throws in "Just on this song alone (Nicki) is on her fourth flow." She ate, and knew that. 

I make 'em change they name to Diddy, retire the puff. I'm gettin' acting money

Boom! Nicki's entire flow on 'Four Door Aventador' is fierceness overload. She's letting the game know she's at the pinnacle and sets the rules. This play on Diddy, formerly known as Puff Daddy, will make you pause the song and think about the levels.

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