Nicki Minaj is Over Ya'll Twitter Drama

14 June 2021
The 'Seeing Green' Rap icon slams the negative energy on the social network
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Nicki Minaj is known for making good use of Twitter to connect with her Barbz, as she often appears to have a great time with her legion of avid fans on the platform. But lately, the rapper has been spending more time treating her Tik Tok fans to new content, leaving some of her fanbase on Twitter feeling some way.

And it's all because Twitter can be that place of never ending cycles of negativity. Replying to a fan who asked Nicki why she's not showing as much love to the Barbz on the platform, the rapper explained why she's now finding those streets 'exhausting'. 


The Barbz of course, have started petitioning for their Queen to start her whole social media network because why not? They are one of the world's boldest fanbases. If one platform is no longer working for Nicki, surely we can take this whole chat elsewhere. 

While it's unlikely that Nicki will be plotting the launch of her own app, it looks like she's really over the negative energy that gets circulated on Twitter. 

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