Jaden Smith Drops New Details on his Upcoming Album

21 August 2020
Everything we know so far.
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Moving on from the drama surrounding his family right now, Jaden Smith has delighted fans with details of his upcoming project. The 22-year-old singer has announced that his album, CTV3: Cool Tape Volume 3, will be dropping on Friday, August 28th via MSFTS MUSIC/Roc Nation.

Already featuring previously released promotional track Cabin Fever, Jaden has also made 'Rainbow Bap' available for a pre-order. 

While fans wait to immerse themselves in the new sonic material, they can so long jump into its universe through the merch he's availed as part of this era. 

Detailed through Billboard, the new project promises a new aesthetic from Jaden, who is sporting a more colorful look on the album cover. Named after his Cool Tape mixtape series, which started in 2012 with The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1, Jaden's new album CTV3: Cool Tape Volume 3 is set to feature appearances from the likes of Justin Bieber on “Falling for You” and artist RAURY on “Endless Summer.”

CTV3: Cool Tape Volume 3 Track List:

  1. Circa 2015
  2. Falling for You (feat. Justin Bieber)
  3. Rainbow Bap
  4. LUCY!
  5. Everything
  6. In the Hills
  7. Bad Connection
  8. Muted Sunrise
  9. Young in Love
  10. Cabin Fever
  11. Photograph
  12. Drops of Sun
  13. Sunburnt
  14. Deep End
  15. Endless Summer (feat. Raury)
  16. The Birth of SYRE
  17. Boys and Girls

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